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Fuel Injector Development – 500cc Injectors

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The FID 525 is an Ev14 based High-Impedance fuel injector, utilizing the latest in fuel injector technology.

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The FID 525’s are EV14 based High Impedance fuel injectors utilizing the latest in fuel injector technology. They come in sets that are matched within 1% static (I.E. Full Flow) and 2% dynamically (I.E. being pulsed). This matching process provides great cylinder to cylinder consistency. The matching process combined with the fast response and linearity of this injector produces amazing idle qualities, excellent drivability, and smoothness not found in other injectors of this size.

We provide injector dead times and flow rates at different voltage which makes calibrating your fuel maps easier. Note that they are flow rated using ethanol which has a higher viscosity than gasoline. So if the injectors are used with gasoline, they will flow greater than the flow chart says so don’t worry if the flow rate on the sheet is lower than you thought it would be. It will say below the chart what percentage to add to the flow rate for gasoline.

The FID injectors will operate with up to 7bar of fuel pressure differential. These injectors aren’t available with all types of electrical connector so we provide new pigtails if needed for your application; plug and play connectors are also available. They will be provided with hats and adaptors to fit your specific application. With each set of injectors you will receive top hats, appropriate seals, and some FID stickers.

-Note you have the option available to add plug and play clips for the injectors that don’t already have EV1 connectors. This adapts the injector from whatever connector it has in the table below (USCAR/EV6 or Denso) to an EV1 connector which is what Fords in the 80’s and 90’s used. Note FID850’s, 1300’s, and 1600’s are already EV1 so no adapters are required. If your application uses something other than EV1 we’ll provide the correct adapters based on what information you provide.

-The FID injectors are compatible with all fuels including gasoline, ethanol, and methanol.

Shipping: FID injectors drop ship directly from FID via Fedex ground regardless of shipping option selected during checkout.

– Latest in Fuel Injector Technology
– Response & Linearity exceptional for the size
– High Impedance / High Z /
– Compatible with Gasoline, Ethanol, Methanol
– Flow matched within 1% static/2% dynamically
– Operate up to 7bar pressure differential
– Deadtime & Flow ratings provided (Note injectors are tested with ethanol so quoted flow numbers will be higher with gasoline because of its lower viscosity).

– Top Hats
– Injector Pigtails
– Seals
– FID Sticker

*Sold as set of 4 injectors.


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