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Honda – Acura ZDX J37 80mm Throttle Body


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  • Genuine OEM Acura part
  • 80mm (3.14″) inlet, tapers to 70 mm outlet at the manifold
  • Compliments supercharged and RBC intake manifold setups perfectly

The Honda J37 throttle body has a massive 80mm Inlet and 70mm Outlet. Originally from the Acura ZDX J37 engine, this throttle body has become popular for the drive-by-wire applications.

The stock throttle body is undersized, which will reduce overall power gains. The OEM throttle body restricts airflow into the engine, which will prevent it from making more power. Increasing the diameter of the throttle body allows more air to flow into the cylinders which in turn can create more power. This is a bolt on mod and can be performed by anyone with basic mechanic skills and tools. This is a great all-motor mod and is recommended after you have already installed the essential bolt-ons (i.e. intake, header, exhaust and flash pro). The ZDX J37 throttle body is an OEM Honda product which ensures maximum reliability and quality, not to mention the cost for a 80mm/70mm throttle body will rival that of any other option.

Applications: 2006-2015 Civic Si

Note: This throttle body does require an adapter for an RRC/RBC intake manifold.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in