Hondata – FlashPro 2017-2021 US Civic Type-R FK8 (CARB)


This FlashPro allows datalogging and limited tuning for your Civic Type R (FK8) 2.0 Turbo. It includes Windows-based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop’s USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port.

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I understand that I need Hondata to jailbreak my ECU


This FlashPro allows datalogging and limited tuning for your Civic Type R (FK8) 2.0 Turbo. It includes Windows-based software called FlashProManager. The FlashPro connects from your laptop’s USB port to your vehicles diagnostic port.

Important Note

The FlashPro will not work until the ECU is jail-broken.

Hondata offers this service for 2017-2021 ECU instant jailbreak

2020-2021 vehicles will also need the jailbreaker in order to instant jailbreak the ECU:  jailbreaker


California emissions compliant (CARB EO D-742-3), which allows this product to be used on street vehicles within the USA.

Sales Market

This FlashPro can only be sold to US/Canada addresses.


The Hondata FlashPro is a hardware and software combination that connects from your laptop’s USB port to your Civic’s diagnostic port. It enables you to tune your engine computer for:

  • Higher octane fuel
  • Higher boost levels

The FlashPro Manager software comes with several built in calibrations.

The FlashPro has the best datalogging capability and support in the industry. There is simply no better way to learn how your engine runs and responds than by connecting a FlashPro and datalogging.

The Hondata FlashPro is a product that delivers all the features you need, now, fully working, that will grow with you as you upgrade your engine.

The FlashPro is designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. As a result of local assembly, extensive testing before shipping and our stringent quality control, the FlashPro is incredibly reliable.

Check ECU Compatibility

To ensure that you order the correct FlashPro we recommend that you check your ECU is supported.

The ECU part number is located on the ECU. The ECU is located in the engine bay near the battery. You may need to remove a plastic cover in order to see the sticker containing the part number.




Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 2 in


EPA/CARB status (USA) – CARB EO D-742-3
Sales Region: US/Canada Only

Compatible Vehicles:
•US Civic Type-R 2017+ (K20C)

Compatible ECUs:
5BF-A03 to 5BF-A04 US/Canada
5BF-A21 to 5BF-A23
5BF-X03 Mexico
5BF-M03 Americas





FlashPro Manager software’s advanced datalogging and live tuning capabilities combined with thoroughly tested base maps allow your car to be tuned faster and more accurately than any other solution on the market. You will love the way your engine’s response is improved.

FlashPro features

2017+ Software editing


All 10th generation Civic FlashPros include Bluetooth for a seamless connection to your ECU. Now you can display all your engine operating parameters in real-time from your mobile device with the free Hondata mobile app. Hondata Mobile can be installed on your Civic Type R head unit for greater accessibility and ease of use.




Dyno Results & Videos

Hondata is the world leader in tuning Honda engines and have many world records to prove this. Every map listed here has been comprehensively tuned for fuel, ignition and boost.

Listed here are dyno plots of several of the many base maps provided with the Civic Type-R FlashPro.

91 Octane Tune

  • Stock FK8 Civic Type R
  • Gains of 33 hp (11%)  and 39 lb-ft (12%)  torque

93 Octane Tune

  • Stock FK8 Civic Type R
  • Gains of 47 hp (15%) and 72 lb-ft ( 22%) torque

E25 Tune

  • Stock FK8 Civic Type R
  • Gains of 58 hp (18%)  and 79 lb-ft (24%) torque.
  • Pre-mixed blend. Flex fuel sensors not software supported.

100 Octane Tune

  • FK8 Civic Type R with intercooler, downpipe and exhaust
  • Gains of 73 hp and 87 lb-ft torque.
  • 100 octane fuel.





What is the difference between a reflash and the FlashPro?
The FlashPro is tunable by anyone.  Reflashes are not available for the FK8 Civic Type-R

How much power will the FlashPro make on my car?
The FlashPro itself does not make power. The combination of parts and your engine makes the power. The FlashPro allows you to tune the correct cam angle fuel and ignition your car needs. The base maps are a great place to start though. Depending on the fuel, from 30-60 hp.

Do I need dyno tuning?
Some modifications, like exhaust systems, need no dyno tuning. FlashPro Manager comes with a variety of tunes for different configurations. Pretty much all you have to do is select a tune with the matching modification level you wish and drive. You still have the option of custom tuning.

Will this work on more than one vehicle?
The FlashPro is locked to one vehicle and will only work with a jailbroken ECU.

Can I share the calibrations I make for my car?

Do I need the laptop in the vehicle to reflash the ECU?
No. The FlashPro can upload either with or without a laptop.

How do I buy a used FlashPro?
Follow these instructions

So does that mean 1 unit Hondata FlashPro can only work with one ecu or car only? Which means I can’t buy one FlashPro and use it together with a few of my buddies Civics?
One ECU and vehicle at a time. You can unlock the FlashPro by returning the ECU to stock, and then transfer to another vehicle as long as that vehicle’s ECU has been jailbroken.

If the ECU had been reflashed by another maker, can FlashPro still work?
Probably, but since we do not know what changes have been made by other parties we cannot say for sure.

Will dealers need a software license?
No. Every FlashPro will come with the full tuning software FlashProManager.

Do I need to send my ECU to Hondata?
Yes. From the factory your ECU cannot be programmed via OBDII and must be  jailbroken by Hondata.