K-Tuned – K-Series A/C and P/S Elimination Kit


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The K-Tuned K-Series A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit has been a best-seller for several years now.

  • We are now releasing our 3rd revision of this pulley kit and again we have made a few changes to make our product even better.
  • We always wanted to make our kit completely universal and have it setup to work with a 7-rib belt, just like OEM.
  • If you have a K20, K24 or even an engine that is put together with a mix of parts, there will be no fitment issues at all, they can all use the same kit.
  • The K-Tuned A/C & P/S Eliminator Kit deletes A/C, P/S and the factory belt tensioner from the engine.
  • The alternator is then relocated lower and moves to the original A/C location, to increase clearance on even the tightest K-swap chassis.
  • This part is particularly useful for EF K-swaps because it offers some much needed headlight clearance. If you want, you can even cut off the mounting tab that was used for the original tensioner. Doing this, allows ITB’s and custom intake manifolds to be fitted very easily.
  • This kit deletes both A/C and P/S. There is NO way to keep them with this pulley kit.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 5 in